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We are a small group made up of LatinX & direct Descendants of the pilgrims on the mayflower.
We grew up in Connecticut,Inland empire, Houston,East LA,Boston,Havana,montreal,Madrid & NYC. We are from all age groups. We are straight and lgbtq and we don't know about the puppy yet.


above all,we love the park, the beach, the views, the sunrises, the sunset, the scene and the vibe of Alki beach park.


When the "Gamer" in our group told us that he was moving to Alki Beach, we all asked -
Is that in Hawaii?
However, this site was created as a congratulations and thank you
to the "Gamer" on his move to this great area and for introducing us to one of the few cool beach areas still remaining in this great country of ours.
Some of us were there when Venice Beach was the place,and when South Beach was the pot,
and now we are where it's happening - Alki

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